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We offer water soluble cards and stationery that you can personalize to share your thoughts and feelings in a private and intimate way; simply left in a garden, by a graveside or a stream so that your message can be delivered in a way that is meaningful to you by melting away...

Our products are designed from unique paper that dissolves in the water and rain. The paper is environmentally friendly as is the ink used for the designs. 


Purpose and Uses

Forever Between Us Cards and Stationery has a multitude of unique and personal uses. Some of the special ways our cards and stationery can be used are:


Personal Use:

Write individual  letters and cards to loved ones who have passed on, dealing with unresolved feelings, to beloved pets and for private prayers.  Writing your thoughts and feelings is therapeutic way of coping with overwhelming emotions and feelings or simply expressing yourself without the need to share. 

Funeral Homes:

Use our products to add a very unique and touching element to a funeral service by  having loved ones leave a sentiment by the graveside. Having our products available in your shops and place of business makes it easier for people to choose a gift for someone who is grieving; our stationery is the perfect gift to include with a sympathy card! 

Therapy Events and Groups:

Use Forever Between Us stationery for an individual or group writing activity, special group event, pregnancy and infancy loss, etc.

Special Events/Occassions:

Make them even more special when people are provided an opportunity to write their personal sentiments (for example, Relay for Life,  etc.).

Memorial Sites:

Send your private  messages in an environmentally friendly way during Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day,  impromptu public and private memorial sites.

Counselling Services:

Offer our stationery and cards to  clients to write on as a means to communicate and minimize emotional trauma for adults, children and groups. 


An opportunity/occasion to do something special; New Year's resolutions, special wishes, children's parties can be extra meaningful and special with our stationery.  


Weddings allow for an opportunity to be creative and water soluble stationery offers a multitude of possibilities including allowing wedding guests to share their wishes for the couple and send the wishes off to be realized.

These are just a few of our ideas and we look forward to hearing from you about how you have used them!   

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