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Our Story

This is the story of how our little business came into being.  It begins with my mother.

My mother and I were very close. We spoke almost every day and shared so much together; we went to the same church, had mutual friends, laughed a lot  and loved to surprise friends and sometimes complete strangers with  gifts when they least expected it.  We had a lot of fun and although we were very different, we enjoyed many of the same things together.

My mother loved people.  She loved her husband.  She loved her children and all of her grandchildren, friends, colleagues, church, her career and her community.  And we all loved her. Graduations, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, and whatever occasion came about, Mom was in the fore front, taking every opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. Life was good.  

Then, just like that, without any warning, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly thereafter.  

I wasn't prepared. 

I had so much to tell her.  

Regret overwhelmed and consumed me. 

Life changed.  

As the days passed into weeks,  I found myself wanting to talk to her,  instinctively reaching for the phone  and just like that, regret and sorrow would once again consume me.

Weeks turned into months.   We celebrated  graduations, birthdays, Christmas,  and other family gatherings but it was so different without her.  Something was missing; it was her.

I missed her so much. I had known her my whole life and every special memory had her in it. I started writing letters to her in my journal; it was helpful but I  wanted her to have the letters. They were letters just between us; I didn't want anyone else to read them. 

I really wanted a way to keep the words and sentiments personal and private, just between us, by writing it on paper that I could share with her. I still wanted to give her a special card on her birthday and  Mother's Day seemed so empty without telling her how much she meant to me.     

Many have felt the same way ...

This is how Forever Between Us Cards and Stationery  was born. Our stationery and cards are water soluble. This special paper can be written on and placed in a garden, by a graveside or at a public memorial site and dissolve in water, rain or snow.   It allows our deepest and most precious sentiments to be expressed and allows our messages to remain private while giving us the feeling of it being sent.  

My stationery has helped me to once again feel close to my mother on those many special occasions as well as everyday moments. I trust it will help you too.

From my heart,


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