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Posted on December 19 2017

My name is Ann,

I am so happy you are here and would like to welcome you to my little corner of blogland! I am a small town girl and live in the same community that I grew up in.
I am a wife, mom of three and a middle school teacher. I love my family, friends and community. I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am with the people I love.
I was especially close to my mother. We lived in the same small town and saw each other regularly. We spoke everyday and had so much in common; we went to the same church, had many of the same friends, we both loved helping people and loved surprises.
Not so long ago, I was caught off guard with her death shortly after her cancer diagnosis. When I say caught off guard, I really mean it. Not only did I think she was getting better with her treatments, but I failed to prepare myself for what would happen if she passed away.
The entire time she was sick, I convinced myself she wouldn't die. She walked out of her home on a chilly February day for her chemotherapy treatment and died just a few hours later.
That was it.
She was gone.
I still had so much to say to her and the opportunity was lost forever.
I wanted to tell her not to go.
I wanted to tell her a funny thing that a student said to me.
I wanted to tell her I would rub her feet (they bothered her ).
I wanted to tell her that her legacy would never end and that she touched people's lives in our family, church, community , province and world.
I wanted her to know that people looked up to her and admired her for serving others.
I wanted to tell her that something was bothering me and I really needed her advice.
I wanted and needed to tell her things.
I still want and need to tell her things even after 5 years. 
As I grieved, I posted little sayings, quotes and images on social media about missing my mom and I was surprised at how many people would respond. Many of my friends had lost parents, a sibling, child or loved one and they were hurting.

I hadn't been very sensitive to their loss in the past; not sensitive enough. I didn't really get it but I get it now.

This small part of blogland is a place to share encouraging posts, scriptures, quotes, memories and inspiring ways to make our lives and the world a brighter place.
It is my hope that as we continue this journey without our loved ones physically here with us, that we can all help one another remember that they continue to be an important part of our lives.

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